Technological Milestones

Snow-capped mountains and clear blue skies. The feeling of freedom, happiness and lightness with the first turns. The certainty of having absolute control and security over your own boards. This is how a perfect day on the slopes begins.

We want to contribute to these unforgettable moments. Because the right finish of the skis and boards makes a decisive difference. This is exactly what we at Reichmann work for with passion.

We are constantly looking for new solutions that increase driving pleasure and safety on the slopes, but also bring your work in the service workshop a step forward. Our development team meets your wishes and challenges with passion and experience - so that your work in the service workshop becomes even more efficient, better and easier. With our technical innovations of the past few years, we take your ski service to a new level. See for yourself!

Technologien, die begeistern 

Since 2004

HQT Edge tuning

The high-quality tuning from Reichmann ensures perfect edge precision for skis and boards. The HQT-refined surface increases the edge life and the optimized edge sharpness ensures the best turning ability with maximum safety. The ceramic discs are very important for a precise geometry on the side edge and the peripheral polishing discs tune the bottom edges. In doing so, you leave behind the hallmark of HQT edge tuning – the mirror finish.

Application in the DTS-U II, SF-4, Slope Master


Vario belt technology

The patented "ready-to-use" Vario straps create an optimized gliding behavior of the skis comparable to the results of stone grinding. They offer the possibility of pre-grinding skis and boards in high quality and structuring them at the same time if required. With the VARIO structure tape, optimal structure results can be achieved even for convex and concave snowboards.

Application in the PROFI B VARIO, PROFI 4 VARIO


Innovation in side edge pre-grinding "Edge Sanding Plate"

The Reichmann "Edge Sanding Plate" is perfect for side edge pre-grinding. The specially developed grinding wheel for the DTS-U II RACE edge grinding machine simultaneously wears down the side wall and removes rust when pre-grinding the side edges. This saves time-consuming manual preparatory work. Within a few seconds, the grinding disc can be replaced with a disc without tools using the SwitchFIX quick-change system.

Application in the DTS-U II RACE, DTS-II RACE


First laser structure machine for skis

Reichmann presented the first laser structure machine for skis at ISPO 2019. The LS-1 RACE overcomes the limits of traditional stone grinding and sets new standards in precision, reproducibility, individuality and environmental friendliness. Laser technology enables precise and exactly reproducible structures in all conceivable variations - from classic cuts to logos to 3D profiles. This opens up completely new possibilities in terms of driving performance, design and quality.

Application in the LS-1 RACE


Autonomous loading magazine for the SF-4 service machine

With the new loading magazine for the SF-4 RACE, loading and unloading is completely automated from a flexible ski transport cart. Fill the cart directly at the ski service counter, drive to the machine and dock - that's all your service staff has to do themselves. Time-consuming reloading of the skis at the machine is no longer necessary.

Application in the SF-4 RACE


New compact automatic grinding machine Slope Master

The new Slope Master is a master of space and service quality. The particularly compact service robot offers the performance and service quality of an automatic machine with two or three grinding stones thanks to the different zones on the grinding stone. This saves time, money and space in the workshop.

Application in the Slope Master


The revolution of automatic base repair for skis and snowboards

The new camera technology in the POLYMAT PRO makes it possible to locally fill in the scratches or damages in the ski and board base instead of covering the complete base with repair material. This new way of automatic base repair saves a huge amount of material, energy and time. Plus, hardly any harmful fumes are generated which protects the health of the employees and the environment.

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