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Top maintained equipment for your customers

The Reichmann ski and snowboard boot cleaner is perfect for the ski rental and hotel industry thanks to its quick and pairwise cleaning. So, you can provide your customers with top-quality equipment at all times. Even heavy soiling on the sole and sides are quickly removed by gentle pressure and the resulting dirty water can be easily drained. The practical two-shaft concept of the cleaner allows the simultaneous cleaning of two shoes which saves a lot of time and money. Due to good care and regular cleaning, the value and functional integrity of your rental and customer boots will be maintained long term.

Gentle cleaning in pairs

With the practical two-shaft concept, both boots can be cleaned in the boot cleaner at the same time. This saves you a lot of time and money. Thanks to the gentle cleaning of the sole and side areas, you benefit from the long-term value retention of your rental and customer shoes.

Practical mobile stand

The practical base provides valuable storage space for your equipment. With the four wheels, the ski and snowboard boot cleaner is easy to move and allows flexible use in your rental or hotel business.

Recommended use

We recommend using our Protect 50 when using the ski and snowboard boot cleaner. The Protect 50 protects your ski boots and the cleaning device against corrosion and is recommended in a concentration of at least 2% (refractometer value 1.5). The container of 5l is enough for five new fillings of the water tank.

Increase customer confidence in the cleanliness of your business with the ski and snowboard shoe cleaner!


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