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Base Grinding is an essential step of ski or board service, beacause the structure in the base is the first thing customers see after a service. Depending on your requirements, choose between a belt grinder, stone grinder or our innovative laser structure machine.


Belt grinding is a subject on which Reichmann has worked since 1960. Since then, the belt technology and our belt grinding machines have been constantly developed and improved. Today you can choose between numerous grinding belt types which can be used for different operations. We offer a wide range of belt qualities - starting from pre-grinding continuing with polishing. 

With our specially developed, patented VARIO belts, excellent belt grinding results can be generated, both during pre-grinding and structuring. The new VARIO structure belt achieves results comparable to stone grinding.

Discover our range of belt grinding machines for a wide variety of requirements - from the basic machine to our all-in-one VARIO grinder to the particularly powerful machine for ski manufacturers.


The structure in the base is the first thing customers see after a service - no matter the level of expertise. That‘s why you must impress your customers and exceed their expectations. Good referrals equal new customers. But aside from the visual appeal of the structured base, the ski or board functions much better with this finish.
This is where your customer will feel the difference. With a stone grinding machine that has a wide array of possible structures, you are able to fulfill the customers needs based on any snow conditions. The structural consultant integrated into the control system supports you in the selection of the right structure, taking into account the snow properties, ski type and driving skills of your customers.

Also discover the innovative laser technology for structuring skis. This opens up completely new possibilities in terms of driving performance, design and quality and will absolutely impress your customers!