High-Quality-Tuning - Tuning on the highest level

The edge grinding machines from Reichmann meet particularly high quality requirements. The reason for this is the High Quality Tuning (HQT), which ensures perfect edge precision on your skis and boards.

The innovative arrangement of the tuning discs enables simultaneous processing of the base and side edges. Patented tactile discs align the disc precisely on the ski or board, which creates a gentle and simultaneous insertion on the side edges. Both side edges are guided parallel to the disc, while the base edges are polished with the circumferential polishing discs from below with the unique HQT in a mirror finish. The Reichmann edge tuning concept HQT (High Quality Tuning) as a complete system guarantees the highest, constant grinding quality.

With our innovative edge grinding machines you get four perfectly ground and burr-free edges in just one work step per ski and board. This way, you can quickly and easily ensure unlimited safety and driving pleasure for customers in all piste conditions. You can find the HQT edge tuning in our DTS-U II RACE, DTS-U Pro, SF-2 Pro, SF-1, SF-3 and SF-4.


1. Side edge grinding: Flatside edges with highest sharpness of the edges ensures the perfect grip by all snow conditions.

2. Patented touch discs: Adjust the discs precisely at the sports equipment whereby soft and early insertion at the sidge edge is possible.

3. Base edge polishing: You will get polished and burr-free base edges for more safty and fun on the slopes.