× Binding bridge-free transport of the skis

× Simple structure creation on the touch panel with mouse and keyboard

× Highly precise and exactly reproducible laser structures

× Environmentally friendly dry processing of the skis

× Binding bridge-free transport of the skis

× Simple structure creation on the touch panel with mouse and keyboard

× Highly precise and exactly reproducible laser structures

× Environmentally friendly dry processing of the skis

Revolutionary laser structures

The new LS-1 RACE revolutionizes traditional stone grinding and sets new standards in precision, reproducibility, individuality and environmental friendliness. The patent-pending laser technology enables precise and exactly reproducible structures for skis in all imaginable variations. This opens up completely new possibilities for racing departments, ski manufacturers as well as sports stores and rental businesses in terms of skiing performance, design and quality. The LS-1 RACE is also forward-looking in terms of the environment, as the skis are processed dry.

The LS-1 Race is also available with wide infeed to structure snowboards.

The new generation of ski structuring

With the LS-1 RACE, not only straight cuts, but also angles or arcs can be applied to the ski base. The laser structure is also variable in depth and thus enables spectacular 3D effects. Look forward to unlimited structure possibilities in highest precision!

As individual as you and your customers

On the extra-large touch panel with keyboard and mouse, you can quickly and easily create your own structures according to your personal ideas or the wishes of your customers. Offer your customers something special and create a recognition value!

Plus, the desired results can be consistently reproduced with ease.

A real eye-catcher

With laser technology, skis can be individualized and branded with your company logo or the customer's name. This creates a real eye-catcher and effectively protects your rental skis from theft or mix-ups.

Precise, borderless structures

The laser offers the possibility of structuring the ski base rimless without affecting the edge. The distances between the cuts can be freely selected. Unlike stone grinding, laser structuring leaves the basic structure completely intact in the gaps, thus simplifying service work.

Pleasant to work with

Unlike stone grinding machines, the laser machine works in dry processing. This eliminates undesirable side effects such as splashing water, wet skis or corrosion. The laser also produces only very low noise emissions, which ensures pleasant working. Ski transport takes place in the LS-1 RACE without a binding bridge.

Exceptional driving performance

The precisely reproducible laser structures offer new opportunities for professional racing. The combination of guaranteed fiber-free base surfaces and the most precise, reproducible 3D profiles ensures perfect conditions for gliding and accelerating on the slope.

ORIGINAL+ is a manufacturer of custom-made skis. A key point here is the customer-specific base tuning. Each ORIGINAL+ ski receives an individual base structure depending on the region of our customers - adapted to the locally usual snow conditions. The LS-1 Race from Reichmann is a game changer for ORIGINAL+ compared to traditional grinding technology, as we can digitally apply a wide variety of structures to the base - i.e. in batch size 1 and without set-up or dressing costs.

Siegfried Rumpfhuber


As a pioneer in skiing and mountain sports, we at Sport Bründl are always looking for new innovations and technologies that create magic moments for our customers. That's why we were immediately enthusiastic about the new laser structure machine from Reichmann. We wanted to be the first to offer this innovation to our customers, because the laser structures are very promising both for hobby skiers and for racing. We have already received very positive feedback from our customers. In the ski touring sector, customers are enthousiastic about the possibility to ski with much deeper cuts in the base at warmer temperatures without affecting the turning ability.

Hans Hofer, Bründl Sports


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Technical data

Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm / inches - folded out 3040 x 1180 x 1380 / 9'12'' x 3'10'' x 4'6''
Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm / inches - folded in 1115 x 1180 x 2200 / 3'8'' x 3'10'' x 7'3''
Connecting voltage 400 V, 3 PH/N/PE, 50 HZ
Connecting power in kW 2,2