Hygiene and cleanliness are extremely important, especially in public areas and in the rental business. Especially in the current time there is a strong need for solutions for effective infection protection and hygiene concepts. That is why we have expanded our range for you and offer you a wide variety of solutions for disinfection, hygiene and health protection.


Our solutions

Disinfection Unit
Easy and fast disinfection

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Disinfection Unit Plus
Disinfection of boots and helmets

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Hand disinfection dispenser

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Efficient disinfection

With suitable options for disinfection, you increase the trust of your customers in your company and protect yourself and your employees effectively.

This begins in the entrance or waiting area. Since visitors and customers come into contact with a wide variety of surfaces, people or objects on their way to you, they are a potential carrier of pathogens such as viruses or bacteria. You should therefore offer your visitors and customers the option of hand disinfection in the entrance or waiting area. Our new hand disinfectant dispenser dispenses disinfectant contactless via a motion sensor. This is a quick and easy way to eliminate any possible transmission of viruses or bacteria.

Hygiene and cleanliness in the ski rental

In the ski rental, the winter sports equipment often changes hands every day. The equipment should always be in the best condition so that your customers can rent their equipment from you the next time they go skiing. Good care and hygiene are particularly important for ski boots or helmets.

With our ski and snowboard boot cleaner, you can remove dirt from the rental ski boots or snowboard boots after use on the slopes. Thanks to the two-shaft concept, the shoes are cleaned in pairs, which saves you time. It is then advisable to disinfect the inside of the shoes to ensure hygienic conditions. The Reichmann DISINFECTION UNIT is ideal for this. With the disinfection unit, you can disinfect pairs of ski boots quickly and easily. The extra fine atomizer ensures a particularly high yield of the disinfectant. With the DISINFECTION PLUS, helmets can also be disinfected - the optimal 2-in-1 solution for your ski rental.


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