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SNOWBOARD RENTAL RACK - Practical storage of snowboards
SNOWBOARD RENTAL RACKSnowboards und bindings stored and presented


Attractive and space-saving snowboard storage

Due to its exceptionally large capacity, the SNOWBOARD RENTAL RACK is especially designed for larger rental companies.

The lower part of the snowboard storage system consists of a steel basket for the separate storage of snowboard bindings or other equipment. The upper part is used for the vertical storage of the snowboards. Special plastic handles and aluminum cross bars stabilize the snowboards in a vertical position. They are arranged at an even, small distance to ensure high storage capacity and optimal use of space. The adjustable height of the aluminum crossbars makes it possible to store snowboards of various sizes - from juniors to the longest adult boards.

For a more robust construction and storage efficiency, 2000 and 2400 mm racks are equipped with an additional column in the middle, which divides the SNOWBOARD RENTAL RACK into two parts.




The plastic handles hold the snowboards securely in the vertical position and ensure an attractive presentation. A particularly large number of snowboards can be stored in a very small space.


water drainage hood - Snowboard Rental Rack

The hood made of high-quality stainless steel drains the dripping melt water from the snowboards laterally via a collecting channel. This prevents the edges from corroding.

steel basket for bindings

The rental bindings or other items are collected in a steel basket in the lower part of the snowboard stand. If necessary, the basket can also be separated into different areas.