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Storage systems for the complete winter sports equipment
STORAGE SYSTEMSspace-saving and attractive storage of the ski equipment


High quality equipment for sports shops and ski rentals

The well thought-out and high quality construction of our storage systems guarantees an optimal use of space and a long service life. The storage systems can be perfectly adapted to the size of the stored equipment by means of height-adjustable shelves, cross bars and levels. Specially developed forks and storage solutions for skis, ski poles, snowboards, ski boots and helmets ensure a particularly efficient and safe storage of the complete ski equipment. With our efficient BIKE storage solution, we also thought about your summer business.

Discover our diverse storage solutions!


water drainage hood

The slightly inclined water drainage hood made of high-quality stainless steel effectively drains dropping melt water from the skis and snowboards to the side via a collecting channel. This prevents corrosion of the edges.

Water collecting tray for melt water

The open frame of our storage systems can be equipped with a precisely fitting water collecting tray to collect dropping melt water. The tub is easy to remove and empty, keeping your floor dry.


Height-adjustable cross bars and forks

All storage systems have an intelligent design that allows flexible and easy adaptation to your needs. The height of the carrying forks, cross bars and elements can be individually adjusted and thus optimally adapt to the height of the stored equipment.

High-quality compontents

The frame and the components of our Rent & Depot systems consist of high-quality powder-coated and hot-dip galvanized steel. This prevents corrosion and guarantees a long service life.