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UNIVERSAL SNOWBOARD RACKfunctionally storage and presentation


Whether children’s, giant slalom skis or poles, you will find a space saving and safe storage solution.
The rubber-coated forks offer space for 2-3 pairs of skis and could be placed wherever you like – adjusted to your needs. Due to the special construction the other forks have a maximum capacity of up to 4 poles per fork – so you could store a maximum amount of poles in a minimum amount of space. The UNIVERSAL SNOWBOARD RACK is the space saving combination of snowboard presentaion with a basket for bindings on the one hand and ski and ski pole storage on the other hand.


The height adjustable cross-bars enable easy storage for all lengths and forms and because of the easily removable forks you can adjust it to your needed capacity and function. 



Due to the fixation system the boards are not only stored but are also appealing displayed.  


The practical basket of the UNIVERSAL SNOWBOARD RACK offers enough space for rental and customer bindings.