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UNIVERSAL storage system for skis
UNIVERSAL RACKSimple storage


Whether children’s, giant slalom skis or poles, you will find a space saving and safe storage solution.
The rubber-coated forks offer space for 2-3 pairs of skis and could be placed wherever you like – adjusted to your needs. Due to the special construction the other forks have a maximum capacity of up to 4 poles per fork – so you could store a maximum amount of poles in a minimum amount of space. The height adjustable cross-bars enable easy storage for all lengths and forms and because of the easily removable forks you can adjust it to your needed capacity and function.
We also offer a solution for the summer – you can easily change the forks to bike forks. The storage systems are available on casters or on rail.



The shelves with a slip protector on the side ensures a safe hold in the rail system.