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DEPOT LOCKER 650 - Secure storage and drying of the complete winter sports equipment
DEPOT LOCKER 650Simple and safe storage


Secure storage and drying of the complete winter sports equipment

DEPOT LOCKERS, thanks to their smart interior construction, enable secure and comfortable storage of the whole range of winter sports gear such as skis, snowboards, ski poles, goggles, gloves and offer efficient drying of boots and helmets at the same time. To dry the wet shoes overnight, shoe drying rods are integrated - so the equipment is ready to use on the next day. To be able to use the hot air heating, you need the optional drying unit with hot air.

The DEPOT LOCKER 650 gets its name because of its width of 650 mm and is available in different versions (SINGLE or DOUBLE). It offers space for 4 complete sets of winter sports gear.


Depot locker access systems

The DEPOT LOCKERS are available with a key, coin or electronic card lock. Experience in cooperation with the best manufacturers and in adapting to different access solutions guarantees smooth system implementation and convenient usage.

Depot locker drying unit

A drying unit with heating system or alternatively with a fan is available for drying the equipment. The drying unit is connected to an electrical installation that runs under the top covers of the cabinets. The three-phase power supply of the drying unit enables the independent operation of fans and heaters in specific periods of time.


Depot Locker water drainage

The storage cabinets are available both with and without special floor plates. Depending on the preferred solution, stainless steel plates with an opening for water drainage or galvanized perforated steel tubs are available. The DEPOT LOCKERs can also be connected directly to a drainage system.

Depot Locker wooden panel

The standard doors of the depot cabinets are made of galvanized sheet metal with a wall thickness of 1.2 mm. The depot cabinets are available in all standard RAL colors. Alternatively, the cabinet doors can also be made of high-quality, wood-based panels, adapting the design to individual preferences and tastes.