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hand sanitizer dispenser for protection against viruses and bacteria
HAND SANITIZER DISPENSERprotecting people effectively from viruses and bacteria


Best hygiene in public spaces

Touch free disinfectant dispenser

Wherever many people meet, the risk of viruses and bacteria spreading is particularly high.

Protection against spreading is only possible with the right hygiene and suitable disinfection options. Regular hand washing is often not possible in public spaces or shops. Regular hand disinfection is an effective method to avoid infection. Therefore, invest in a non-contact hand disinfection dispenser that ensures hygienic conditions at all times. This way you can protect yourself and your fellow human beings effectively!

Our high-quality hand disinfectant dispenser ensures the best hygiene in all public areas. Choose between the free-standing version or the hand sanitizer dispenser for wall mounting. It is suitable for efficient hand disinfection in shops, rental centers, airport waiting rooms, train stations, medical practices, hospitals, nursing homes, offices or schools.

Effective protection against viruses and bacteria

disinfectant dispenser with motion sensor

The disinfectant dispenser is controlled by a sensor. The disinfectant is dispensed without contact as soon as the hands approach the sensor. This ensures a particularly high standard of hygiene and effectively protects against the spread of pathogens.

Disinfectant storage in the dispenser

The free standing disinfectant dispenser offers a lockable area on the back for the storage of two 5 liter canisters with disinfectant. So everything is safely stowed and you save yourself frequent refills.

customizable disinfectant dispenser

By default, you can choose between the colours matt black, white or anthracite. For an easy adaption to your corporate design or your wishes, the touch free hand sanitizer dispenser is available in all RAL colors at an order quantity of 5 or more devices without any extra charge. It also offers the option of attaching an advertising board above the dispenser. In this way you ensure a high level of recognition and the disinfection dispenser fits perfectly into your environment.

Matching hand disinfection liquid

To match our new hand disinfectant dispenser, we also provide you with a special hand disinfectant that is effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi. This effectively protects your employees and customers from infections and ensures the best possible hygiene.



*directly available. Feel free to contact us for prices or questions.

Invest in our disinfectant dispenser

  • free-standing or available for wall mounting
  • a 5 liter canister of disinfectant is sufficient for over 4000 applications
  • high-quality stainless steel cover with drip tray
  • stable and durable steel construction
  • non-contact activation for maximum hygiene
  • versatile use
  • high quality electronic components - made in Europe
  • Connection via power supply or battery operation


free standing disinfectant dispenser

Dimensions (L x D x H) in mm 300 x 200 x 1275
Connecting voltage main power supply 100-230 V
Connecting voltage battery supply 12 V
Connecting power 5 W

Disinfectant dispenser for wall mount

Dimensions (L x D x H) in mm 300 x 200 x 600
Connecting voltage main power supply 100-230 V
Connecting voltage battery supply 12 V
Connecting power 5 W