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SF-1grinding robot of unparalleled ability

service robot SF-1

The Reichmann SF-1 is a grinding robot of unparalleled ability, and was designed to keep up with today’s higher volume ski rental shops. Especially the newly developed and patented circulation feed system which enables the combination of rapid and gentle processing of the skis. Highest efficiency and extraordinary operating comfort are guaranteed by the unique paternoster system with in and output in pairs. Due to the individual adjusted base grinding, the HQT tuned edges as well as the perfectly waxing of each ski, we can guarantee each winter sports athlete highest amount of safety and fun! 


The unique paternoster system with in- and output in pairs enables highest efficiency and extraordinary operating comfort. Our customers confirmed that the service robot reaches a throughput of 82 pair of 'ready-to-ski' and dry skis per hour in highest quality. The input of the skis, independent of form or length, ensures a highest possible throughput at minimal effort. 


The SF-1 is equipped wtih an innovative 'one-way' transport system for skis. In the robot, the skis are fixated with the help of a low-mainenance spring technology (without vacuum). The innovative feeding system by Reichmann combines gentle loading with a constant high output rate. The integrated remote diagnostic system guarantees highest availability of service and continued production.


For an optimal result you can adjust the service center individually to your requirements. You can choose between different belt or stone modules.



Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm / inches 9400 x 2750 x 2500 / 370 x 108 x 98
Connecting voltage 400 V, 3 PH/N/PE, 50 Hz
Connection power in kW 23