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Stone grinding machine PROFI S200
PROFI S200Our race machine


Stone grinding machine for skis

Stone grinding machine for professional race service

The PROFI S200 and PROFI S350 are the structural wonders among our stone grinding machines and the result of a close cooperation with the race departments of different ski producers and world cup specialists of several snowboard associations. The PROFI S200 stone grinder is equipped with parameterized racing structures for the Alpine and Nordic sector. A triple jewel and programmable grinding pressure curve allows precise structures with the PROFI S200. Thus you can serve your customers, to professional racers.


Structure advisor PROFI S200

To support you in the selection of the structures, the PROFI S200 has a colored 8-inch touch display with preview function and integrated structure consultant. There is also enough storage space for your own structures and thus for adaptation to demanding target groups.

Stone grinding structures with the PROFI S200

The stored structure library in the stone grinding machine already contains all variants ex works that enable customer-oriented editing of the current ski types.



The split structure option of the 200 mm stone enables a one-step pre-grinding and finish structure, without wasting time and material. Due to the 3-point centering you will get reproducible and precise symmetric structures every time – also by using it split. 


With the race feed, you will get the best out of your stone grinding machine PROFI S200. Due to an individual pressure regulation at the feeding wheel you can perfectly adjust to the situation. Thereby the result of the structure will be more precise and you can offer your customers world cup level service. You will also get smoother transfers at the varying shapes of the ski bases. Bindings will be easily avoided with the use of the bride.


Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm / inches 1475 x 900 x 1150 / 58 x 35 x 45
Connecting voltage (EU - data) 400 V, 3 PH/N/PE, 50 HZ
Connecting voltage (US - data) 230 V, 60 Hz, 3 Ph
Connecting power in kW 5